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1347 - ROSARIUM: II - 40 DAYS

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Handcrafted silver ROSARIUM: II bubo rosary.

The pendant depicts a plague crucifix, an item which was inspired by visiting the German churches; St. Mary, St. Severin, St. George in Köln. A bubo is pierced by the crucifix and is entwined by a headless serpent.

The rosary cord consists of 40 black wooden beads, each needed for counting the days of quarantine. (Can be worn as a wrapped bracelet)

The pendant itself comes with a red cross pouch, and is encapsulated within a black bubo casing.

Materials: Oxidised silver, synthetic cord, wood beads. The finish may differ slightly from pictures.

Approx dimensions: Width: 2.5cm / Height: 6cm

(Skulls by Nightshade FX)

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