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The REQUIEM - PLAGUE DOCTOR MASK pendant is the first in a series of hand crafted pieces which are based on various aspects of the plague and life through the ages, treating the three major plague strains/periods (Antiqua, Medievalis and Orientalis) as one. The thoughtfully created silver pendant features a hand carved and weathered look, whilst simultaneously expressing an aura of bold elegance and refinement. The mask portrays symbols of misplaced faith, balanced with haunting scratched out eyes of mourning and the infectious buboes which faith could not offer protection from.

The pendant comes with a synthetic leather style necklace, its own red cross pouch nestled lovingly in dried flowers and herbs - Plague Doctor beaks were noted to have been filled with an assortment of such, to both mask the scent of death and to protect from infection. Finally, everything is encapsulated within a black orb, symbolizing one of God’s Tokens (buboes).

Pendant materials: Oxidised silver and synthetic leather. The finish may differ slightly from pictures.

Approx dimensions: Base width: 2.4cm / Base height: 2.4cm / Top length: 4.8cm

(Skulls by Nightshade FX)

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